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Contact me, Mary Ann Dekker,

Consultant to Hospice and Home Health Companies!

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Cell Phone/Text: 616-745-7834

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My name is Mary Ann Dekker. 

I am a CHAP & ACHC Certified Consultant, providing services to hospice and home health organizations across America.


If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, or if you are experiencing any of the other myriad challenges that can harm or even defeat your hospice or home health company, then you need me! 


My experience has led me to realize 3 primary reasons why hospice and home health companies fail to advance:

As Medicare and other payers increase quality and submission-deadline demands, home care agencies and hospices are challenged to work harder, work smarter.  Helping you to work smarter is where I can advance your hospice and home health.


Here’s how:

  1. I can identify the specific areas of need in your company to help you to achieve greater financial, clinical, compliance and market success.

  2. I can develop a personalized plan for your hospice or home care through which I will advise and teach you and your staff.  I will help you to resolve your areas of need, so that you can become the best.

  3. As you realize the impact of my assistance, I can provide follow up evaluation and assistance to help your agency’s continued success.

Contact me to see what I can do to advance your hospice and home health!

Cell Phone/Text: 616-745-7834

Fax:  616-803-1092